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Bitumen Binders

FCP Group is specialist in supply and export of high quality petroleum products including penetration bitumen, road bitumen, oxidized bitumen blown asphalt, Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite) Cutback and emulsion bitumen tack coat and prime coat.

We are committed to providing a quality bitumious products and service to our customers that satisfies your requirements and specifications. We aim to build long term relationships with our clients to ensure the best outcomes for both your company and ours.We previously exported to SADAC coutnries such as the DRC,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Malawi and Lesotho

FCP Group Binders can supply the full range of standard road pen bitumens as well as modified binders and bitumen based emulsion’s and primes currently used in the road construction industry. With our flexible production facility and in house laboratory, the option can also be provided to produce customer specific binders and emulsions to their specification.


Penetration Grade Road bitumen

  • Bitumen Grade 10/20
  • Bitumen Grade 20/30
  • Bitumen Grade 30/40
  • Bitumen Grade 40/50
  • Bitumen Grade 50/70
  • Bitumen Grade 60/70
  • Bitumen Grade 70/100
  • Bitumen Grade 80/100
  • Bitumen Grade 100/150
  • Bitumen Grade 160/220
  • Bitumen Grade 200/300


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Oxidized bitumen

  • Oxidized bitumen 75/25
  • Oxidized bitumen 85/25
  • Oxidized bitumen 85/35
  • Oxidized bitumen 85/40
  • Oxidized bitumen 90/10
  • Oxidized bitumen 90/15
  • Oxidized bitumen 90/25
  • Oxidized bitumen 90/35
  • Oxidized bitumen 90/40
  • Oxidized bitumen 105/25
  • Oxidized bitumen 105/35
  • Oxidized bitumen 115/15
  • Oxidized bitumen 150/5


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We supply the following products to the Road Building Industry:

  • All recognized Penetration Grade Bitumen
  • Cut-Back Bitumen
  • Polymer Modified Bitumen
  • Bitumen Emulsions
  • Aggregate Pre-coating products
  • Anti-Stripping Agents
  • Burner Fuels

We source and sell a variety of bitumen related equipment such as:

  • Drum Decanters
  • Emulsion Plants
  • Bitumen Tanks, both Mobile and Static
  • Solid State Diesel Burners
  • Bitumen Hoses and most Ancillary Equipment

We are able to source most equipment for the use in bitumen applications such as:

  • Asphalt Plants
  • Pavers
  • Rollers
  • Chip Spreaders
  • Bitumen Distributors
  • Hand Sprayers

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